About Ardillas Detallistas

Hello to my photography website, dear reader.

20 years ago my parents made me the gift of a first camera, a reusable small red-yellow plastic device with two big handles on each side. It was a camera with absolutely no possibility to modify any settings – and analogue, good old film rolls! Can you imagine how it must have looked like? Yes, yes, you are right. The hilarious design appeared very alien and people laughed about it every time they saw it in action. But I was very content for a while with the magical box.

The children’s shop which sold it back then still offers child-handy cameras, but as technical progress requires, the newly available camera is integrated in a drone which the child can easily maneuvre thirty metres high up in the sky. I have not so much advanced in height with my pictures, but the status of my camera equipment has technically improved.

You’re welcome to click around in the mix of what I have captured over the last years.

If you like to get in contact, I’m gladly receiving your mail via message@josefinebirk.de 

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