Spring as an archetype

One of the simplifications to understanding our cosmos – which could be true – is the similarity of its ‚layers‘. Perpetually, the laws of one layer of the cosmos are repeated in its microcosmos. We have archetypes that beautifully fit into a higher or lower level of construct. Natural laws repeat themselves.

It’s spring and nature explodes. The seemingly dead awakens. The streams of life begin to rush powerfully. Ice melts like butter on a stove and runs down the valley, fills the rivers, brings water to the plants, lets them rise to the sun and grow and grow. Fresh strength blossoms in bright, shameless colours. Nature expands with a pang – after months of nothing into everything. After you’ve already forgotten how the warm sun feels on your skin and the mild evening breeze goes through your hair, you’re standing in awe in front of a banquette of golden summer’s warmth.

You’re like that. The mind is like that. You’re nature. Most probably you’ll witness winter in yourself, frozen thoughtstreams. It’s sharp ice edges pierce your heart, you don’t swim but slitter on a life-hostile hard cold ground, clattering teeth, no end in sight. But that’s not the whole picture. Oh, how you will resemble a firework when it feels right for you again. You have waited long enough. You break out. Naturally, your flowers will show, your heart will melt, you’ll  share your love with the world. We go through the seasons, and now it’s spring.

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